Brotherhood of the "Fêlés* of the Grand Colombier"


* Fêlés = cracked



You are a cyclist who doesn't move back in front of the large uneven ones...

The terrifying percentages give you wings...

You dream to climb one of the hardest Pass of France...

You like to launch out personnal challenges...

Cycling on roads without cars, with the Mount Blanc Chain for background doesn't displease you...

And all that, on the day of your choice...


So you're a "Fêlé" in power!

Quickly! come to join the


members of the brotherhood.




Reglement of the Fêlés : How to join the brotherhood - To registrered.

The Brotherhood's life : All on the brotherhood's life, the Fêlés and the "more than Fêlés"

Slopes : To be frightened, graphs of the Grand Colombier's four faces .

File Photos: Photographs of the Colombier and your deed .

Panorama: Discover the panorama in the top of the Colombier.

The list of honour : All the Fêlés .

Shop: Jersey - Medals - Tee-Shirt

French indices: Other pages in french.





14 july 2023: arrival of the 13th stage of TOUR DE FRANCE at the Grand Colombier



Car-free Cycling Days of the Grand Colombier 2023

Saturday 10/06 - 08/07 - 12/08 - 09/09/2023

Flyer 2023 (français)

English flyer